Motorcycle Safety Activists Push for New Legislation – In the wake of two tragic motorcycle accidents in 24 hours, local safety activists are working to change legislation to protect bikers.
Karen and Vince Rizzone of Mission Riders say they are sick of burying their fellow bikers.
They are pushing for legislation that would give extra protection to bikers on the roadways and in the courtroom.
Two fatal motorcycle accidents in 24 hours, two young lives taken just this week.
That prompted Karen and Vince Rizzone of “Mission Riders”, a group that offers support to biker’s families in times of tragedies, to make a difference.
“We just see broken families and lives changed forever, and I don’t want to be that,” Says Karen Rizzone of Mission Riders.
“I just hate seeing young people like that lose their lives. It could be avoided,” Says Vince Rizzone.
According to the Erie County Coroner’s Office, ten bikers have been killed so far this year.
In 2012, nine bikers were killed in crashes.
The Rizzone’s are circulating petitions and pushing for legislation that would give additional protection to bikers.
That legislation would include harsher punishment for the drivers who killed them, and the same rules of the road that bicyclists have.
“If somebody hits a motorcyclist, they may get a traffic offense unless they have a suspended license… May get the book thrown at them… Bicyclists have more rights than we do,” says Rizzone.
They say many of these accidents result in the driver getting a citation or a fine- and minimal if any jail time.
“I’d like to see people running a stop sign or doing something that’s against the law be charged or something more than a 50 dollar fine.”
The Rizzone’s say until legislation is passed; you can make a difference out on the roadways.
They say by looking twice, you can save a life.
“If you see a motorcyclist coming towards you, you can’t tell how fast they’re coming. Just count off three seconds…. Three seconds will not make a difference when you’re going… That second look… You may see.”
The Rizzone’s have even reached out to local law makers in their efforts.
In addition, they are working to do “a take back the site” similar to what the Sisters of Saint Joseph do at the various accident scenes.

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